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Not much to misinterpret, just an honest man honestly summing up a dangerous situation.
Zollars is concerned that accountants may misinterpret SSARS no.
But one needs to be careful not to misinterpret the intention of a 12th- or 15th-century artist and the cultural perspective in which his art was made.
Each citizen contact situation varies, and cultural differences may exist that cause citizens to misinterpret an otherwise innocent comment as a rude remark.
It is always possible, I tell myself, that the television viewers misinterpret what Judge Wapner says (just as lawyers sometimes misinterpret what real-life judges say.
It also demonstrates how easily mistakes are made, when hospital staffers misinterpret a doctor's handwritten instructions, arguing that working via computers -- hard to believe, but there are still some people resisting them -- could reduce that kind of error.
He said: "During the inquiry I did misinterpret a question.
Unless reprogrammed, many computer systems will misinterpret the year 2000, which is entered into the computer as "00," as 1900, rather than 2000, and compute erroneous data or simply fail.
Also added was language explaining that obtaining an understanding reduces the risk that the client and the auditor will misinterpret the needs or expectations of the other party.
TUESDAY FEBRUARY 2, am: In The Mirror, Hoddle claims: "The reporter from The Times did not misquote me but he did misinterpret me.
Modern writers wishing to find an underlying unity in such pluralist thinkers have to jettison parts of the oeuvre, misinterpret the rest, in order to reduce it to a single scheme.
Such kids also often misinterpret social cues and find it difficult to generate more than superficial interest in others.