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7) Indeed, many cases brought by copyright trolls are misjoined, have defective personal jurisdiction, and have insufficient evidence of infringement.
defendants have been misjoined where "the products or methods at
have remanded the misjoined claims over which they cannot exercise
Finally, when federal courts dismiss misjoined claims between
non-diverse plaintiff had not been egregiously misjoined.
not sever the misjoined claims until more than one year after the case
the state court has severed the misjoined claims arguably violates the
Application of the Doctrine to Misjoined Plaintiffs
where a non-diverse or in-state defendant had been misjoined.
Albert Moraczewski, "What Nature Has Misjoined Together," Ethics and Medics 18, no.
at 450 (misjoinder-of-claims error unlikely to affect jury because properly admitted evidence was so strong as to overwhelm the impact of small amount of evidence admitted exclusively on the misjoined count); Kotteakos, 328 U.