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Sudden lane change caused 914 injuries, failure to leave sufficient distance between vehicles led to 576 injuries while running red lights resulted in 406 injuries and misjudgement of road users came fourth with 402 injuries.
He was greedy, he was stupid and he made a series of catastrophic misjudgements.
Drinking was a misjudgement part and I "In doing so I have fallen short of the standards I set for myself and those that I expect from my fellow Worcestershire county councillors.
Profumo said, 'To be honest, there has been a misjudgement on our side on the depth and length of the crisis.
It was obvious who was going to be leader, so either Blair made a total misjudgement or it was an act of unbelievable kindness that has not been repaid in kind.
We know from last year that Hardy Eustace is a difficult horse to pass, so to leave the challenge until the last 13 strides was surely a terrible misjudgement.
His boycott of the Bain inquiry, the misjudgement of the public mood about firefighters' remarkably generous conditions, the refusal to abandon outdated working practices and his ludicrous demand for a 40 per cent pay rise have left the union up a gum tree without a ladder.
In its verdict the jury found his death was caused by driver misjudgement while he was attempting a threepoint turn.
And with the Library of Birmingham project there has been misjudgement after misjudgement by Coun Hardeman and his colleagues.
Only the reaction of the ticket-paying public will prove whether it was a clever business decision or severe misjudgement of the South Wales audience.
He will return to action the day before he is due to ride Nayef at Ascot after stewards ruled he had made a misjudgement in crossing to the rail after the first furlong and causing interference to Buy The Sport.
I'm having to guess at turning points because of the fog and it wouldn't take much of a misjudgement to hit lots of people lining the roadside,' said Burns.