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Scottish Labour's Paul Martin added: "The First Minthe advis was to Minister admitted in chamber that his adviser's misjudgment think his actions were appropriate.
The great misjudgment prior to the Iraq invasion was the failure - by the White House, Congress, and the CIA itself - to even consider the possibility that this combined effort to disarm Iraq had, in fact, succeeded.
Another misjudgment was the bland, content-free campaign waged by Russia's Choice--heavy on slick, Western-style TV spots and light on concrete issues.
Saddam, also 'a rational actor,' acted with his own logic and made a gross misjudgment of American will," he said.
British business may suffer, but David Cameron's decision to take arms manufacturers to Cairo is a misjudgment when Egypt remains under military rule.
But those who allowed this pair - or indeed who let any addict keep their heroin substitute at home - are guilty, at best, of gross misjudgment.
TWO Boeing passenger planes collided on an airport runway after a misjudgment by one of the captains, an air accident report said today.
All it's going to do is protect suicidal drivers from their own misjudgment,'' he said.
DAVID COULTHARD and his Red Bull team were left cursing after a one-mile-an-hour misjudgment robbed them of their maiden podium finish in the European Grand Prix today at the Nurburgring.
We can't write him off just because of one gross error of misjudgment.
Actually, though, Perlstein is rather even-handed; he's far more critical, for instance, of the Arizona Mafia--particularly Dennison Kitchell and Dean Burch--than he is of any opponent or mainstream misjudgment of the Goldwater/conservative phenomena.
In the squalid realm of stereotypes, mental acumen goes begging, while misjudgment reigns, maintains Charles Stangor of the University of Maryland at College Park.