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In this Q-Probes study, we again reassessed the normative rates of mislabeled blood bank specimens and WBIT to determine whether or not this rate has diminished, and again examined practices, in particular the use of bar coding, that we thought might contribute to diminished rates.
In our laboratory, the baseline measure of samples mislabeled in the preanalytic stages of testing was approximately 1/10 000, lower than those noted above (4, 7, 8).
Of the 381 infants who were avoiding cow's milk for fear of allergy, 138 were diagnosed with true cow's milk allergy, while the remaining 243 infants were in fact mislabeled as such.
Oceana's study targeted fish with regional significance as well as those found to be frequently mislabeled in previous studies such as red snapper, cod, tuna and wild salmon.
According to Benoit Hamon, the French deputy minister in charge of consumer affairs, Spanghero mislabeled Romanian horsemeat as beef.
Janet Johnson, Director of Nursing Informatics, who led the implementation, reported, "We had no mislabeled specimens in any of the areas using barcode specimen collection the very first month after go-live.
The very best of surgeons, unaware that they are relying on a mislabeled biopsy from another patient, due to an error in misidentifying the patient or the tissue sample, routinely proceeds with even the most complicated surgery in total reliance on the biopsy report, which was performed by and, which they received from a pathologist who, more often than not, they do not know, and, in some cases, if they knew the identity of the pathologist, might want a second biopsy performed before they proceeded with surgery, regardless of however complicated or simple the surgery to be performed might be.
It looks like another conservative media outlet has mislabeled disgraced Republican Mark Foley as a Democrat.
THE MISLABELED CHILD: HOW UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHILD'S UNIQUE LEARNING STYLE CAN OPEN THE DOOR TO SUCCESS provides parents, teachers and educators a fine, clear guide to children who are different, how diagnoses often fail, and how to look beyond labels to find the basics of a child's problems.
Wiley, USDA's chief chemist, a spirited crusader against adulterated and mislabeled foods.
The investigation into the grapes mislabeled by Ralphs Grocery Co.
Yep, you guessed it: a frontside air mislabeled a "frontside indy.