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In our laboratory, the baseline measure of samples mislabeled in the preanalytic stages of testing was approximately 1/10 000, lower than those noted above (4, 7, 8).
Oceana's study targeted fish with regional significance as well as those found to be frequently mislabeled in previous studies such as red snapper, cod, tuna and wild salmon.
Tuna fraud specifically was found to be the worst, the study said, with 94 percent of the tuna tested being mislabeled.
The result was zero mislabeled specimens in all of the areas using the new system (Table 1, page 42).
Excluded from the study were surgical pathology cases that were processed before the study period but were subsequently identified as mislabeled during the study period.
TuneUp automatically "cleans" mislabeled tracks in a user's library, finds missing cover art, and presents useful, fun and contextual information to users, including: concerts, music videos, news and more.
Community activists had worried that too many red bags were going into the landfill without knowing whether they were truly medical waste or just mislabeled trash.
There is no avoiding some sort of legal constraint on food and drug sales, unless we want a modern version of the 19th-century free-for-all that poured mislabeled opium and disguised wood chips down the gullets of the ignorant.
If Professor Cohn is correct, histories of the Black Death and the epidemics which followed must be revised, for they have been attributed incorrectly to the Yersina pestis bacillus and mislabeled "bubonic.
The researchers attribute the mix-up to mislabeled vials from the supplier of the chemicals.
As the definition of SARS is nonspecific, patients with upper respiratory infection or community-acquired pneumonia could be mislabeled as having SARS.
Pharmacist and patients who find the mislabeled medicine can call Glaxo at 888-825-5249.