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All through dinner--which was long, in consequence of such accidents as the dish of potatoes being mislaid in the coal skuttle and the handle of the corkscrew coming off and striking the young woman in the chin--Mrs.
I would write to him myself, but have mislaid his direction; and, as I hinted above, am afraid he took something in my conduct amiss.
At the time when "Notre-Dame-de-Paris" was printed the first time, the manuscript of these three chapters had been mislaid.
PEARCE [unmoved] No, sir: you're not at all particular when you've mislaid anything or when you get a little impatient.
Your father gave him our address when he was dying, but the envelope on which it was written got mislaid, and he only came across it a day or two ago.
In doing which she lost her temper, or mislaid it for an instant; for, the water being uncomfortably cold, and in that slippy, slushy, sleety sort of state wherein it seems to penetrate through every kind of substance, patten rings included-- had laid hold of Mrs.
The man who had operated without the quiver of a finger, when not only his patient's life but his own reputation and future were at stake, was now shaken to the soul by a mislaid book or a careless maid.
I'm sorry the Rainbow's Daughter missed her mist-cakes," said the Tin Woodman to Dorothy; "but by a mistake Miss Polly's mist-cakes were mislaid and not missed until now.
THOUGH dim night-lights burned, she moved familiarly through the big rooms and wide halls, seeking vainly the half-finished book of verse she had mislaid and only now remembered.
He hadn't to do that trick himself, and with his sea-chest locked up in an outhouse the key of which had been mislaid for a week as I remembered.
She mislaid him Saturday afternoon--and for a long time suffered no inconvenience.
Nobody was to know this (his letters got mislaid so quickly) -- nobody whatever but the steward, who had been greatly impressed by that disclosure.