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The letter sent to customers read: "I want to notify you a spreadsheet containing confidential information relating to your banking facilities with us was mislaid on August 31.
Mislaid shows a uniquely zany worldview, but ultimately, it misfires.
She contacts Matron Plucknose of the Home for Mislaid Children, who duly arrives and takes Tensy away but not without a huge protest from Albie and a battle involving the Mudwoman living in the River Charon.
Thousands of people come into our hospitals and clinics every day and whilst any theft is disappointing, the number of mislaid or possibly stolen items is relatively small," said a spokeswoman.
I somehow mislaid a bottle of 1993 Whitehall Lane Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from Morisoli Vineyard.
Perhaps we have just mislaid the words to express the mystery of who we are as individuals as well as a community.
Heron was stung by the harsh judgments visited upon a field (postwar English art) he had carefully reaped for thirty years - particularly the art of his generation, certainly not a lost generation, but one that was mislaid in the hubbub of the '60s.
Somehow the spirit of Christmas (whatever that mighty be) seems to have been mislaid.
H & K has sorted out a customer's recent claim for pounds 220 winnings from a mislaid bet placed last October-by paying him pounds 906.
Avoco Secure - Assume that your documents will be stolen or mislaid.
MICHAEL HOEY was forced to withdraw from the Made in Denmark event after his clubs were mislaid by an airline.
The last thing they needed was some dozy bird leaving two precious rings at security, only realising 24 hours later they'd been mislaid.