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Overweight misperception among adolescents in the United States.
Two-way analysis of variance testing was conducted to explore the impact of gender and school type on differences in misperception scores.
Although the factors that may influence misperception of weight status are unclear, a growing body of literature suggests that weight norms, ideals, and perceptions are greatly influenced by an adolescent's social networks (Mackey and La Greca 2008; Maximova et al.
Misperception number two: "It must be nice to get an Air Force salary to work out.
There's a common misperception that carpet is unhealthy, a misperception that has risen to the level of an urban myth," said Braun.
It aptly sets the stage for her analysis of Coriolanus, where misperception of the roles of flesh and spirit disqualify the protagonist for the position of Roman consul.
Having survived previous IT challenges like Y2K and September 11th, what do you believe is the biggest misperception about "disaster recovery/business continuity" in the minds of corporate customers?
1) This misperception is more common than average among Hispanics (28%) and blacks (48%), the ethnic and racial groups who have been most affected by HIV and AIDS.
The extant, sources, functions, and effects of holding this sort of class misperception are not well understood.
Which you, as a reader, undoubtedly know is a misperception.
The shamrock "ashes" on our cover are not meant to further the common misperception that Celtic spirituality is exclusively Irish.
I would suggest that the left itself is in part responsible for this misperception.