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Instead of replacing the 550,000 copies of the misprinted e-passports, which would have cost taxpayers an estimated NT$220 million, MOFA decided to cover the erroneous part of the passport with a sticker.
The Facebook user also compared the alleged misprinted and regular P100 bills.
The misprinted notes were considered legal tender but the BSP advise against its use due to lack of safety features.
I WOULD like to thank John Kartz for his enlightening letter on Bill Pyers (October 28), and for noticing my misprinted letter (October 19).
If David Watkin is offended by seeing his name misprinted here, he could take consolation from the fact that AWN Pugin appears as 'NAW'; that Colen Campbell is 'Colin'; that Dominikus Bohm is 'Bohm'; that Sackler (of the Royal Academy galleries) is 'Secklar'; that Landseer's Trafalgar Square lions are attributed to Lutyens; that Liverpool's Anglican cathedral is referred to as a nineteenth-century building; that Saarinen's TWA terminal at JFK is captioned as 'New York Airport'; and that the Louisiana Museum for Modern Art is called on one occasion the 'Danish National Louisiana Gallery' and on another the 'Louisiana Danish National Gallery'.
Some information for a question on an AS-level government and politics paper, sat yesterday by students at 600 centres, was misprinted.
The Italian government misprinted sterilization certificates for some of the meat-and-bone meal (MBM) feed imported to Japan from Italy before June 1998, the Japanese farm ministry said Wednesday in a progress report on its investigation into the outbreak of mad cow disease last year.
Freeman highlights sections of text often misprinted and invites the reader to "be your own investigator/stage manager.
27] There is even a reference to Grotius's famous De iure belli ac pacis libri tres that was misprinted in von Hoym's Exercitatio, but corrected in the New Discourse.
Upfront misprinted Canada's area of 3,849,670 square miles, and the United Kingdom's 94,548 square miles.
Sorry to readers who had a problem ordering last week's Jasmine offer due to a misprinted phone number.