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A: An aggressive spatula scraping approach to removing solder paste from misprinted boards can cause problems.
27] There is even a reference to Grotius's famous De iure belli ac pacis libri tres that was misprinted in von Hoym's Exercitatio, but corrected in the New Discourse.
Upfront misprinted Canada's area of 3,849,670 square miles, and the United Kingdom's 94,548 square miles.
Sorry to readers who had a problem ordering last week's Jasmine offer due to a misprinted phone number.
The misprinted number, which is located on the instruction sheet inside some newly printed Cranium games, directs the caller to a second number, which is an adult phone line.
Following a misprinted telephone number last week, the number to contact Dawn Grey regarding the High Sheriff's grants is (01670) 533 654.
His name was misprinted in the Daily Racing Form's past-performance charts (Medaglia D'oro).
The cleaner removes both raw solder pastes and uncured surface-mount device adhesives from stencils and misprinted assemblies in electronics manufacturing.
The Finance Ministry said Friday five more of the newly issued 2,000 yen banknotes have been found misprinted.
In the event of a printing problem, misprinted sheets can be quickly identified and retrieved.
Kmart spokesman Greg Parry said if the company finds out one of its advertising publishers misprinted a sale in an advertisement, the store puts a retraction notice near the item.
It has dedicated controls for easier direct lamination control, a Reject Card Hopper that separates miscoded and misprinted cards, and a Card Lamination Flattener to reduce card bowing.