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Second, rights holders routinely pursue actions against other authors and creators, not just against critics and educators: in the fall of 2012, the estate of William Faulkner sued Sony Pictures for a nine-word misquotation from Faulkner's 1950 Requiem for a Nun, used in Woody Allen's 2011 film Midnight in Paris (Masnick "Faulkner").
Casey, Jr, "Keynes's Misquotation of Mill," The Economic Journal, Vol.
org/wiki/List of famous_ misquotations (last visited
24) or 'Para os SIG nunca ha domingo, como diria Caligula, um filosofo la dos orientes', (25) rub shoulders with misquotations of writers of popular fiction such as Edgar Wallace, or even with misstatements of philosophers once important to the Angolan regime, such as Friedrich Engels.
And back in late '04 and '05 when Trevor Creed talked about those doors, he says that there had been misquotations and misunderstandings vis-a-vis his stance on the death of the two-door models for Chrysler Group.
59) Pater's quotations may be rewritings and misquotations but they are never insignificant and this one (I Samuel 14: 43) echoes Lacan's version of the Symbolic Law that turns every subject into a sinner and forecloses any complete enjoyment of the Thing.
Had reviewer Davis thoroughly compared Bateman's book with the AP stories it tries to debunk, he would have found, as we did, more than a hundred factual mistakes, irrelevancies, significant omissions, misquotations, and other failings--in sum, a sloppy mishmash that wouldn't get past any marginally competent copy editor.
Stylistically, although The Economics of Ecstasy is well written and mercifully free of jargon, it suffers from some repetitiveness and many misquotations.
The allusions recur in snatches, in echoes, in misquotations, much as does almost every utterance within the episode.
As a result, I took those out-of-context quotes and misquotations you hear from a lot of people and began to read them in context.
It appears to be an area of law that continues to offer controversial decisions, resulting in uncertainty for businesses (and dismal misquotations from Hamlet).