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Far from apologizing for the RNC's misquote, Nicholson was reprising the allegations of Gore's falsehoods that had been repeated so often that they had taken on the color of truth: "Remember, too, that this is the same guy who says he invented the Internet, inspired Love Story and discovered Love Canal.
We continually misunderstand and misquote each other, borrow someone else's words or phrases, incorrectly attribute someone, and sometimes even unintentionally plagiarize to get a point or idea across.
Everybody seems to repeat the misquote of the initial text in the Vancouver Sun, which reads "the Vancouver Catholic archdiocese has been testing prospective priests for HIV since last year.
It's always a good idea to keep in mind Lord Byron's line about the writer "With just enough of learning to misquote.
Perhaps it was this reversal of roles at the level of phantasy--with the black woman, rather than the black man, as object of hatred, fear, and contempt--that led Senator Orrin Hatch obligingly to misquote Othello so as to re-fix Thomas under the image of uncontrollable black hypersexuality, just as King had been fixed by the Gorillas in the Mist stereotype that almost cost him his life.
Last night Boyle, 37, said: "The version that's given is a complete misquote.
We are trying to get new members to join our organization but when the national president is seen to misquote our bishops then perhaps it is time to question our membership in the League.
Of the remaining two, one is a garbled misquote from Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia, Query XVII; the other, a reference to John Adams that seems genuine.
It was no shock to me, as anti-fluoridationists often misquote, misrepresent and misinterpret research findings," he said.
ICON: Doris Lessing's outspoken approach to life has won friends and enemies but it was a misquote that brought the strongest furore
The misquote incorrectly reported that the Company saw its third quarter earnings coming in at the low end of estimates.
This is one of the most famous lines from any film - and it's a misquote.