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The role of the ghost at a minimum involved placing the ideas into a sequence that flowed, correcting misquotes, and making the whole pleasing and readable.
Instead of taking the offensive against these misquotes, Gore tried to head off the controversy by clarifying his meaning and apologizing if anyone got the wrong impression.
In the May 1999 issue, the Special Advertising Section, "Franchise 2000: The Gold Mine Is Minority Franchising" misquotes Coverall North America Inc.
Presently, the plaintiffs in the case have moved to strike the amended briefs as the amendments do not remedy the ramifications of the misquotes contained in the original set of briefs.
There are going to be missteps and mistakes and misquotes.
We believe the report misquotes industry experts, uses incomplete information for determining valuations and makes other statements that are completely inaccurate.