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One way to reduce the number of deaths from misread prescriptions is to require physicians to print their prescriptions using a computer, iPad, or tablet.
He misread her friendliness towards him and made a move towards her as if he was about to kiss her on the lips.
Despite this, there still exists the potential for bar code misreads and patient misidentification.
In the other case, the problem was a misread three-dimensional ultrasound, which on review documented a misplaced device.
BIC RUNGA: Something Good (Sony) , SCISSOR SISTERS: Laura (Polydor) , KINGS OF CONVENIENCE: Misread (Source) .
John's appointment was "a well-aimed kick in the teeth" for those "who so badly misread the mind of the middle-of-the-road English Anglican.
Please do correct me if I have misread or misunderstood the pertinent Court rulings or their apparent intent.
Once in worship I misread Titus, declaring that we are to be "uptight" instead of "upright" (a Freudian slip?
Overall, the number of mistranscriptions in the passages I checked was well within tolerable limits: occasionally a word or two is skipped or misread.
Dear Editor, -So many of your correspondents continually misread the effectiveness of Mrs Thatcher's strict economic policies while she was in office.
In addition, the system does not require period recalibration due to screw wear and it will not misread due to geometric errors such as pitch, roll, and yaw of the machine.
With other 20 systems we Feel there are three choices: a good read, no read, or a misread.