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Bar code scanner misreads were not unique to the RACG scanners (Tables 2 and 3).
As a fellow white Southern liberal, I sympathize with his feelings - he is frankly discouraged about race relations - but I think he misreads them a trifle.
CaptureOne produced a 7-10% higher throughput than competitive models, mainly because of the practically non-existent MICR misreads and because the scanner initializes immediately - both key factors for saving time and increasing workflow efficiency.
James Mirollo bracingly considers the many twentieth-century poems addressing Bruegel's Fall of Icarus coming to rest on Auden and Williams as examples of a conflictual paradigm of image envy, a combative relationship between poem and painting where the poem ignores, misreads, and distorts the image.
Typically, Reagan wildly misreads Twain, and in the process reinvents his own troubled early life, describing his boyhood as a "Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn idyll.
An additional benefit of the windshield sticker tag is that it adheres to the windshield as opposed to Velcro, reducing the vast majority of misreads and violations because of a customer inaccurately holding up or waving a tag.
By reducing the number of misreads and making compliance easier, nurses are able to deliver safer and more efficient care without having to worry about medication errors.
This Panini exclusive technology provides MICR reading levels comparable to large scale transports allowing for a dramatic reduction of rejects and misreads.
MICR read performance was measured for each scanner by counting field level rejects and misreads.
SMU anticipates seeing a significant improvement in business operations and customer satisfaction by eliminating misreads, billing errors, and reducing the number of customer inquiries generated from inaccurate bills.