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But, a growing number of the western media have been misreporting this FNA news report by omitting the first paragraph, bringing a completely out-of-context translation of the second part of his comments preceded by completely baseless and forged headlines and news leads such as "Iran Commander Criticizes Government over Influence from West" to pretend that the IRGC and the Principlist camp have started an open confrontation with President Rouhani and his government.
Misreporting sexual behavior among infected adolescents, Health Economics, 2013, doi: 10.
Serco has identified misreporting of DRACT data locally on the PECS contract.
Ozawa and his aides argued that they had made technical mistakes and the misreporting was not criminal.
The study examines the SEC's Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases (AAERs) for 49 sanctioned companies to determine the attitudes and rationalizations behind the misreporting.
Mrs Watson criticised a Herald journalist for misreporting Diane's case to support his campaign for young offenders.
Contrary to any misreporting, Shakira is not performing nor was she ever booked to perform a gig for the Chechen President or Government," tweeted a representative for Shakira.
Bosses only became aware when a whistleblower lifted the lid on the misreporting of claims for replacing ageing gas mains.
Lord Mogg, chairman of Ofgem, said: "Our actions reinforce our strong message to all energy companies that misreporting will not be tolerated.
Lord Mogg, chairman of Ofgem, said: "Ofgem's actions today reinforce our strong message to all energy companies that misreporting cannot and will not be tolerated.
Barclays Plc had said the misreporting of the transactions was 'only a technical breach and an inadvertent human error at the time of data entry.
Northern Rock's former finance chief David Jones was ordered to pay pounds 320,000 by the City regulator and banned from working in any regulated activity for the part he played in the misreporting of mortgage arrears figures.