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The more data are used, the more accurate any dialect boundaries and transition areas are likely to be, minimising the effects of any phonologically misrepresentative factors in a kind of average dialect distribution measure.
Static cross-sectional shots can be misrepresentative and could potentially over-emphasise any natural variation, or worse, miss something important, he warned.
Rather, a fragmentary and misrepresentative translation of decontextualized processes and entities created ontological lacunae.
Another factor causing misrepresentative government is that Wall Street banks are no longer American banks.
But privately they still felt incomplete and misrepresentative of music's electricity and social allure.
STATISTICS are often disputable, sometimes contentious and occasionally misrepresentative.
This is the first and only of its kind to eliminate the fraudulent bait-and-switch tactics suppliers have utilized by providing intentionally misrepresentative 'clean' samples to labs in order to obtain false, but favorable results; which could never be obtained with a true field representative sampling of their product.
Decision makers at such levels are almost always seasoned professionals with a wealth of industry experience behind them and, while generalisations are dangerous and often misrepresentative, there is a wealth of statistical evidence indicating an inversely proportional relationship between levels of computer literacy and age.
The sources of this uncertainty are not well understood but may result from the movement of flounder among stock areas, lack of information on the effect of closed areas on population dynamics, insufficient surveying of areas closed to fishing, inaccurate age determinations, misrepresentative sampling of distributional patterns, underreported catch, or inaccurate assumptions about natural mortality (NEFSC (1)).
As a result, professionals, mass media and consumers rely for their information on misrepresentative or worse, one-dimensional proxies such as the size of Islamic banking assets or sukuk.
But Enterprise said the proposal is based on "flawed, misrepresentative and at times misleading" evidence and insisted the current voluntary code works well.
Figures like these can be misrepresentative of the whole picture - Wrexham county is served by three stations - Wrexham town station, Chirk Fire Station and Johnstown Fire Station.