miss an opportunity

See: fail, neglect
References in classic literature ?
He was striding along at his usual rapid pace, and Arthur pushed on his horse to overtake him, for he retained too much of his boyish feeling for Adam to miss an opportunity of chatting with him.
Never again shall I miss an opportunity to traverse it, for it has given me the first real entertainment I have had since I left Africa.
It seems that Israel and the United States are determined not to ``miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
I am angry, very angry, and I will not miss an opportunity to publicize my anger.
You won't want to miss an opportunity to have your voice heard.
Many owners actually speak with VCs to determine if a new company's prospects are truly promising - no one wants to miss an opportunity, but no one wants to make a bad bet.
ADELANTO - The JetHawks never seem to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
We'd like to have a coach sooner rather than later but I don't want to set a timetable and miss an opportunity to hire the proper coach.
They're quickly becoming the crowd that doesn't miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.