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That EUR2 was my husband's bus fare only he had missed the bus earlier - I am so delighted he did or we would never have won.
40 from Cardiff will have just missed the bus via Llangefni that left at 21.
Granada Hills High student Patricia Cruz, 16, said she missed track and field practice because no one could pick her up and take her home in downtown Los Angeles if she missed the bus after school.
The 17-year-old cross-country champion sprinted around the stores to get the shopping done - but missed the bus back by four minutes.
Ms Hidle, aged 28, said: "We had planned to meet JD's dad Christopher for a drink, but missed the bus.
He missed the bus, matters snowballed and eventually he was at liberty for 29 days.
We were in a bit of a grump because we'd missed the bus by five minutes," adds Daniel, a creative film and moving image production student at Hartlepool's CCAD.
Herewith my poem: Just missed the bus, new situation, I'll go by train from railway station, Train would leave from platform seven, Just made it, sat down, Oh what heaven.
She said: "I must have only missed the bus by a matter of minutes and was forced to wait in the pouring rain until the next one arrived.
I missed the bus home, so I'm very grateful to Alan, from Pontefract, for giving me a lift to Castleford - known these days as Cas Vegas, for its exciting entertainment venues.
Swann is determined to learn from his previous experience of life with England and believes he has matured in the time since, stressing, 'I missed the bus a couple of times on that tour, but I was very young and I probably made one or two misjudgments that I wouldn't make now.
I just missed the bus and the next three buses did not turn up after 6.