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The slain of the road misshape was identified as Jamshed.
For example, wearing shoes that are too tight, or with very high heels, can misshape feet and weaken their arches.
As per details, the decision has taken after the fire incident of Shah Alam market Lahore, and in this regard fire extinguish equipments would be installed in multi-stories buildings, plazas, restaurants, shopping mall, hotels so that any type of misshape could be avoided.
Asad Ali Khan requested the people to dont make fake calls as engaging the rescuers at a place unnecessarily may cause a loss at another spot in case of any emergency misshape.
Cops arrested the driver identified as Wahid Gul along with vehicle after misshape.
On the occasion Chairman Committee said that the district administration have zero tolerance against polio and those who were involved in any kind of misshape regarding polio vaccination strict action would be taken against them.
He said Jirga succeeded in avoiding misshape amid overhauling sitins through promoting dialogue between two sides.
He said the concerned authorities should take notice and should try to prevent any future misshape.
As result of road misshape Mudasir and his cousin received severe injuries that were shifted to Lady Reading Hospital where Sadam succumbed to his injuries.
He advised the public that they must use seat belt because which increases the chances of survival by 70 percent in case of any misshape or accident.
In case of any misshape the record would be available and the wanted anti social elements might be easily captured.
Meanwhile, a motorcyclist was killed in road misshape near Phase-III Chowk, Hayatabad.