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There were a good many cattle butchers about just then, with nothing much to do, and hungry children at home; and so some one had knocked out the steer--and as a first-class man can kill and dress one in a couple of minutes, there were a good many steaks and roasts already missing.
No, I sha'n't; for when I suggested theft about the watch and got such a rap, I went and examined my room, and the pencil case was missing, but it was only mislaid, and I found it again.
He surveyed the prize; walked around it; smelt at it from a safe distance; walked around it again; grew bolder, and took a closer smell; then lifted his lip and made a gingerly snatch at it, just missing it; made another, and another; began to enjoy the diversion; subsided to his stomach with the beetle between his paws, and continued his experiments; grew weary at last, and then indifferent and absent-minded.
Miss Delia Weeks may have exaggerated matters somewhat, but it is easy to imagine that Rebecca as well as all the other Riverboro children had heard the particulars of the Widow Rideout's missing sleigh and Abner Simpson's supposed connection with it.
She had resolution enough to pursue her own will in spite of her brother, but not enough to refrain from unreasonable regrets at that brother's unreasonable anger, nor from missing the luxuries of her former home.
He may feel too confidently about penetrating the mystery of the missing money; and, unless you are on your guard, he may raise false hopes in you when you next see him.
If Miss Pink could, by any possible conjuncture of circumstances, have disappeared mysteriously from her house and her friends, the police would have found the greatest difficulty in composing the necessary description of the missing lady.
Take a look at the drive wheel hub for oil leaks and loose or missing mounting bolts.
Originally developed by Wal-Mart associates, Code Adam is activated when a child is first reported missing within a facility and prior to the arrival of law enforcement personnel.
Toll by country Indonesia 131,338 dead 25,016 missing Sri Lanka 31,229 dead 4093 missing India10,749 dead 5640 missing, presumed dead Thailand 5395 dead 2817 missing Somalia 289 dead and missing Burma 90 dead 10 missing Maldives82 dead 26 missing, presumed dead,
1, 2003, JPAC's mission has been the fullest possible accounting of all Americans missing in war.
14, as a national day of honour and remembrance for the missing women and is asking churches that weekend to include prayers for the missing during worship services.