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Jon has flourished as a missional innovator and a coordinator, enlisting the efforts of others.
This event will feature two main speakers assigned with specific content and contexts in mind, those include local missional practitioners Jeff McLain and Josef Berthold.
While our rostered leaders may respond to these events "by the seat of their pants," how much better would it be if our missional leaders had been prepared to respond to such interfaith encounters grounded in the loving crucified God "molded by humility, vulnerability, and servanthood"?
Indeed, a major missional shift began in 1979, providing the occasion for those who desired to encourage more ecumenical involvement in the church to promote legislation at the denomination's 1980 World Conference, which affirmed the importance of ecumenical engagement.
Wilson, a Baptist, describes ecclesial ferment among evangelicals and gives five examples: ancient/future Christianity; the Ekklesia Project; emerging churches; the missional church; and new monasticism.
It is unsettling yet hopeful--a fair description of the Christian faith as well and, therefore, fitting for a book that seeks to restore the church to the joyful, abundant, missional life it is called to live.
The accepted missional principle that mission gives rise to unity was certainly not the push factor which led The Presbyterian Church of Jamaica and The Congregational Union of Jamaica to form a union in 1965.
Others are practical, touching on human issues such as parenting and sexuality, and some are missional, exploring social justice, oppression, and poverty in ways that inform what it might look like to see the reign of God on earth as it is in heaven.
In his intelligent, playful style, this pastor surveys the varieties of Christian faith and points us toward an orthodoxy of Jesus--and away from "who's in/who's out" thinking--that is generous, loving, and defined by missional intent.
It isn't hard to list factors which indicate that congregations may not take up the missional challenge or may not be very successful if they attempt some new approach.
Transformation '09 focuses on incarnate, life on life missional discipleship, balancing an organic emphasis within a structure, designed to pursue the heart of the participant and facilitate life transformation.

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