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D'Artagnan had more than once related to his friends his adventure with the stranger, as well as the apparition of the beautiful foreigner, to whom this man had confided some important missive.
Instead of chattering about trifles, you ought to have delivered me the missive at once--if you have really come commissioned as you say.
After dinner he went to a play; and it was not until his return home, after midnight, that he drew Madame Olenska's missive out again and re-read it slowly a number of times.
Her letter to Sir Leicester is discovered on her table, but it is doubtful yet whether he has not received another missive from another world requiring to be personally answered, and all the living languages, and all the dead, are as one to him.
With them came also a white man, who announced himself as a messenger bearing missives for Mr.
Albert glanced carelessly at the different missives, selected two written in a small and delicate hand, and enclosed in scented envelopes, opened them and perused their contents with some attention.
Celtic, that to a new level a missive was sent ticket holders in the stand at Celtic them to be personal afte" of a
News about a person of interest in the ricin letters case came as yet another similar missive sent to Obama was intercepted, according to the (http://www.
CAIRO, Oct 16 (KUNA) -- The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that is had sent an urgent missive to the Syrian authorities demanding clarification of the circumstances which led to the killing of three Egyptians in Aleppo and Homs during clashes with Syrian forces.
PNN On Tuesday 17th April, in the afternoon, a Palestinian delegation, headed by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, will meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem to submit a missive from the Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas about the hindered peace negotiations.
In a handwritten missive ending his courtship with dancer Delia Wicks, the then 21-year-old singer said he would be lost without showbiz.
Sir Simon Milton's missive came amid growing anger at the extent to which the powers - ranging from physical observation to the checks on telephone and internet records - are used by local authorities.