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We also share several goals, such as fighting corruption, tackling the misspending of funds and promoting a fair elections law," Sabaayon said.
On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted to hold foster family agencies accountable for misspending taxpayer money.
A privately run foster family agency, already accused of misspending $320,155 in taxpayer funds, racked up an additional $475,291 in unreasonable expenses before its CEO was fired, according to a county audit released Wednesday.
Lawyers for Ventura County taxpayers on Tuesday dropped their lawsuit against the Ventura County Community College District board and its former chancellor, Philip Westin, who was accused - then cleared - of misspending more than $119,000.
Westin resigned in October as part of a settlement struck with the board, which had placed him on paid administrative leave pending investigation into his alleged misspending.
Westin had been accused of misspending $119,000, including more than $22,000 on car repairs and $1,600 on upgrades to first-class travel.
WOODLAND HILLS - City Controller Laura Chick on Wednesday told San Fernando Valley business leaders - many of whom had backed secession - she is redoubling efforts to root out misspending in city government.
Chick said the city was preparing a ``huge'' overhaul in its procedures for awarding city contracts, and she also was working to improve a whistle-blower procedure for reporting misspending or fraud.
The resignation was part of a settlement struck with Westin, who had been on paid leave pending investigation into allegations of misspending, officials said.
Los Angeles County supervisors called Tuesday for an investigation of the Office of AIDS, which has been accused of misspending taxpayer money and unfairly distributing federal funds to local programs.
County government countersued Baker for more than $1 million, accusing him of providing substandard care and misspending public funds by taking trips to Las Vegas and Mammoth Lake, buying a Mercedes-Benz and making payments on a Saugus home.
Beard-Williams said Smith was angry at Beard-Williams for opposing her on ``a very important issue dealing with funding'' - Beard-Williams' allegations that the district was misspending Head Start money, which the judge has barred mention of in front of the jury.