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Chris Mooney ("Quacks and Flacks," June) captures very well some missteps in alternative medicine, some practitioners of which have done a disservice to their profession in not adhering to rigorous scientific standards.
Identified and exploited competitor weaknesses or missteps
If you choose to follow their lead and expand your goods and services to include home care and home medical equipment, then we will help you avoid the missteps that can accompany a new journey.
But M-Services will surely gain from WAP's missteps, and carriers are now in dire need of compelling services--and revenues--to justify their enormous investments in the wireless infrastructure.
Field Service Advice (FSA) 200031023 illustrates several missteps in tax planning.
She was given to flat-footed missteps and broad gestures.
What also has to affect our opinion of this book is the niggling but continuous damage done to the author's case by errors, missteps, and excesses of enthusiasm, all combining to make one reader wonder if Patterson knows his subject as well as he might, or ought to.
net), a brand and marketing strategy consultancy, has launched a new blog that looks at the lighter-side of marketing missteps.
Despite that evidence and through a cavalcade of official missteps and oversights, Sarah was ordered returned to her aunt and uncle in April 2005.
Hiring missteps are most often caused by time constraints and the "they are only here for the summer" mindset.
Nonetheless, what feel like narrative missteps are alleviated by brilliant scripting and performances.
These are questions that more and more CEOs are asking themselves, as single missteps place brands--and the companies that rely upon them--at risk.