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There is no need to answer this letter immediately -- unless I have written it under a mistaken impression of what you have accomplished since leaving London.
He has carried me all over the world, and you are mightily mistaken.
Indeed, mamma, you are mistaken," said Elizabeth, blushing for her mother.
I beg you to excuse me, madame; I wish to add nothing to the recital of these gentlemen until they perceive themselves that they have perhaps been mistaken.
You were mistaken, my dear Alicia, in supposing me fixed at this place for the rest of the winter: it grieves me to say how greatly you were mistaken, for I have seldom spent three months more agreeably than those which have just flown away.
Epanchin, at the commencement of this period, had announced that she had been "cruelly mistaken in the prince
When they make them rightly, they make them agreeably to their interest; when they are mistaken, contrary to their interest; you admit that?
Yet if this were the case, it would be odd that people are so often mistaken as to what they desire.