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As I listened to songs I had purchased for my iPod, I was suddenly captivated and uplifted by Bruce Springsteen's strong rendering of Bob Dylan's 1964 classic song "Chimes of Freedom" -- recalling the condition, needs and hopes of the poor and outcast, reluctant soldiers, refugees cast out into the night, the luckless, abandoned and forsaken, the "mistreated mateless mother, mistitled prostitute," the searching ones, the harmless gentle souls misplaced inside a jail, the aching whose wounds cannot be nursed, and the countless confused, accused, misused, abused and string-out ones and worse, as Dylan called those whose rights he championed.
Mistitled in the sense that come summer this will be sung by thousands at festivals such is its instantly anthemic, singalong status.
Jeremy Bernstein has written a very interesting, albeit somewhat mistitled, book that offers a lively and anecdotal history of the evolution of nuclear weapons, but hardly all of "what you need to know.
Here it is crucial to stress 'each', because too often the unique, material characteristics of the individual works are de-emphasised, or perhaps unconsciously suppressed (witness the casualness with which reproductions of Pollock's paintings are often handled: mistitled, or printed upside down or reversed).
For example, Townshend's book, Failing America's Faithful: How Today's Churches Are Mixing God with Politics and Losing Their Way, is somewhat mistitled.
Vanessa McMahon's slightly mistitled Murder in Shakespeare's England is a impressive addition to the literature of "history from crime.
The FMA, now mistitled the Marriage Protection Amendment, which is scheduled for a U.
In other cases, as here, a mistitled book is frustrating because it doesn't adequately deliver on its promises.
He noted that Rossetti's "new volume" (A Pageant and Other Poems, 1881), which he has not yet seen, has been published, but that he had read "this lovely poem," "Mirrors of Life and Death" (though he mistitled it, calling it "Symbols" instead of "Mirrors") when it was first published in the Athenaeum.
Cunning Pursuit 4g Pursuit Of Love - Mistitled 122-407 Won at Wincanton last season, and also had a brief Flat campaign that resultedin a win for our daughter Camilla in a charity race.
The fourth and final section of the book is somewhat mistitled as "Humorist," for it focuses on the various situations and moods in Twain's life--especially his later life when humor was sparse.