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Goldblatt's translation of the novel is imbued with distinctions in ideology and poetics between Chinese culture and US-American culture and in The Garlic Ballads Goldblatt employed "rewriting" and adopted conversion, omission, and mistranslation to degrees to assist English-language readers to appreciate contemporary Chinese literature and culture.
The Al-Arabiyya account and mistranslation has been picked up by numerous other Arabic news outlets.
A translation is not considered a Koran, and it is believed a mistranslation could warp God's word.
Even the word "abomination" is suspect, he adds, as this modern usage is probably a mistranslation of a word that appears so often in the Old Testament.
According to biblical scholars, this was a mistranslation.
Except for the aforementioned mistranslation and a few minor typos, Snow in August is a most impressive work that reflects well upon both the distinguished playwright and his dedicated translator.
Leave it to the receiving end, and the chances of mistranslation and misunderstanding increase dramatically.
instead of "einen Damon"); and an unfortunate mistranslation occurs even in the volume's English subtitle: "The Demonology of Israelite-Jewish and Early Christian Literature in Context of Their Environment," instead of "in the Context of Its Environment.
More than one ethnic-targeted campaign has backfired because of an unintentional slur, mistranslation or misunderstood colloquialism.
Significantly, the large team of people employed on the surveying teams meant that, on a more general level, the partial mistranslation of the activities of the Survey was almost assured.
Frank reveals some intriguing biases in the French understanding of Australia, concluding: 'what is often labelled as mistranslation is, in fact, an appropriation or slanting of the text to a desired set of images of the source culture'.
Pyongyang withdrew the statement, clarifying that the English version was a mistranslation.