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We have information that a person from Kumanovo, employed in the police was mistreated and abused after he was sentenced to serve time in prison", announced Mehmeti.
But she complained of being overworked and mistreated by them and came back to the agency.
She has reportedly written to the British Embassy and Indonesian officials saying that she is being mistreated in prison and does not have enough food or water.
According to a new YouGov* survey commissioned by international animal charity SPANA (the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad), over one in five British adults (22%) have seen animals being mistreated when on holiday overseas, but over three-quarters of these holidaymakers (77%) made no attempt to report the most recent incident of mistreatment that they saw.
Staff from the council's adult services safeguarding team will be at Foundry House in Bedlington and County Hall in Morpeth from 10am to 2pm tomorrow, handing out leaflets and talking to local people about what to do if they suspect elderly people are being mistreated.
Our hope is for schools to be caring and bully-free communities where kindness is cool, cruelty is not, and students know that standing up for someone being bullied or mistreated is not tattling but is the right thing to do," said Weiss.
Shafi Muhammad Chandio in his application took the position that police officials mistreated the senior lawyers aimed to humiliate them and the lawyers' fraternity strongly condemned this, adding no special passes were issued on judges' case.
Israel's President Shimon Peres was mistreated at a Russian airport last week, as he was dealt with like an ordinary passenger, the Israeli daily Maariv has reported, as carried in the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT Saturday.
Summary: Campaigners are calling for a ban on using wild animals in UK circuses, after showing footage of elephants being mistreated.
He had always rejected any claims that he mistreated residents at Brook House.
We first meet Jane as a young child, a roundly mistreated orphan subjected to all manner of indignities, such as being forced to wear a sign reading ``Liar'' before her peers.
Her main love in life was her music, and in spite of being used and mistreated she was able to set a standard few have ever approached.