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Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met with the Sudanese ambassador in Cairo after the embassy released two statements inquiring about the cases of mistreatment and detention of Sudanese nationals in Egypt.
Accordingly, senior staff should be held responsible for the mistreatment of those lower in rank.
Two of the officers involved in the case earlier appeared in the same court in connection with the mistreatment of several inmates incarcerated at the Reform and Rehabilitation Centre in Jaw Prison on drug-related charges.
This is the first study to directly observe and interview residents to determine the prevalence and predictors of elder mistreatment among residents in nursing homes," says Karl Pillemer, professor of gerontology in medicine at Weill Cornell and the Department of Human Development at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.
He continued: "Sadly, Justina's own words paint a picture of mistreatment by DCF that we can see for ourselves.
First reported are demographic correlations with being the target of peer mistreatment and resulting trauma.
He said that Human Rights Watch "received reports from several knowledgeable sources of beatings and other mistreatment of suspected MNLF rebels in detention.
The ban on Australia's live cattle exports was implemented after claims of animal mistreatment emerged in 2011.
Ranjan Mathai apologized to his Islamabad counterpart over the mistreatment of a Pakistani diplomat in New Delhi, diplomatic sources told a private TV channel
The aim will be to raise greater awareness of the mistreatment of older adults.
Spokesman for the Ministry Amr Rushdi said in a news release that the Israeli ambassador was given a "strongly worded" protest over the mistreatment of Egyptian embassy employees while going to celebrate the Easter in Jerusalem.
The UK Foreign Office also said it had raised allegations of her mistreatment.