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And with regard to their influencing public manners, Miss Crawford must not misunderstand me, or suppose I mean to call them the arbiters of good-breeding, the regulators of refinement and courtesy, the masters of the ceremonies of life.
E23, affecting to misunderstand, gravely produced his ticket, which the Englishman wrenched angrily from his hand.
What if, for some one of the subtler reasons that would tell with both of them, they should tire of each other, misunderstand or irritate each other?
There were depths, which called to depths; and you will not misunderstand me when I say I think it touched him that a woman should listen to him as I did, and in such circumstances.
Not even might she trust herself to show too great gratitude to the Heliumite, lest he misunderstand.
Will paused, imagining that it would be impossible for Dorothea to misunderstand this; indeed he felt that he was contradicting himself and offending against his self-approval in speaking to her so plainly; but still--it could not be fairly called wooing a woman to tell her that he would never woo her.
I remained longer than was necessary because I had something to say to William which I feared he would misunderstand, but when he announced that it was time for him to catch a train back to London, at which his wife paled, I delivered the message.
Isn't it strange how people misunderstand each other, Anne?
Please do not misunderstand me," he went on earnestly.
Mirabel pleaded with her not to misunderstand him, by an honest confession of his motives which presented him under a new aspect.
It is only such as we who never misunderstand each other," he said; "this is what I call doing business.
I think you won't misunderstand me when I say I want to be alone.