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Meanwhile, Pir Sialvi further said that the misunderstanding between Sahibzada Nizam Sialvi and Sahibzada Qasim Sialvi has been cleared, adding that there is no contention between the sons.
Once this misunderstanding is resolved, corporate sector of the US will also start investing in Pakistan again.
He said: "There was communication between airline crew and air traffic control on the ground, and a misunderstanding took place as to whether the aircraft should have been descending.
We worked together for a long time, our lackadaisical attitude created more misunderstandings.
Iran has many times underscored readiness to only hold talks with the UAE to remove possible misunderstandings over one of these islands.
Child development; myths and misunderstandings, 2d ed.
Rather than getting serious over the issues, the British public show humorous attitude with the misunderstandings of the situation.
September 29 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said that some of his expressions that he made in an interview on a television channel caused misunderstandings, stating that he understood sensitivities of the Greek side.
Then we got into a situation of job descriptions being changed, misunderstandings - genuine misunderstandings, not Machiavellian misunderstandings -and today that has been the sad outcome.
Commonly, these pre-service teachers expressed misunderstandings about NOS with respect to: (1) the relationship between theory and law; (2) science as cumulative; (3) subjectivity in science; (4) the scientific method; and (5) the relationship between science and technology.
Although the category of "misunderstanding and/or misuse" comprised only about 700 of the tweets, researchers said misunderstandings could easily spread to a large audience.
Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency quoted the head of Iraq's delegation as saying "problems and misunderstandings in the marine and land sections" of the border must be resolved quickly.