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Nicola Perry of Community Response said: "Hepatitis C is often misunderstood.
But he has now revealed he had misunderstood how audience figures were compiled and hundreds of thousands had listened at that time.
Summary: X Factor contestants John and Edward Grimes say they are misunderstood.
initellectus is a common sight on Socotra, some of the island's other wild animals and plants may be threatened by goats and other animals kept by a booming human population," said Pupin, who hopes news of the misunderstood gecko will lead to greater understanding of the need for conservation.
It's not your fault it was misunderstood, it's my fault it was misunderstood.
As K James clearly misunderstood the point made by Geraint Rees, let me clarify: Mr Rees was referring to the shortage of Welshmedium places and surplus English-medium places.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC apologised for his attack on Andy Roddick in the wake of his 6-2 6-3 3-6 7-6 (7/5) quarter-final victory at the US Open, claiming he had misunderstood the American's comments that he had 'faked' injuries.
Overall, 47% (185) of patients misunderstood at least one of the instructions.
God immediately put out a statement saying that Robertson had misunderstood what He said.
Peter's confession led to a misunderstood word from Jesus.
Bisexuality is frequently misunderstood by both straight and gay people, and some of those people react with fear and disgust.
a Yogi Bear party; they didn't know what Yu-Gi-Ch is, so they misunderstood their son's request