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No doubt Simon White acted reasonably when he disciplined his wife Elizabeth "for her misusage and intolerable misbehavior towardes him which he did in honest reasonable and moderate sorte as he beleeveth.
by modernity") simply lacks the language to talk about places as "persons" or "agents" without it sounding odd, as if it is a misusage of the words (20).
The recognition of environmental forces as a significant role in substance abuse was an important step in moving forward in the field of prevention because researchers no longer located the problem of alcohol misusage solely within the individual (Jones-Webb, Toomey, Short, Murray, Wagenaar, & Wolfson, 1997).
These and the multitude of other features characteristic of Canaano-Akkadian combine to make nonsense in terms of either Canaanite or Akkadian; how could speakers of either language have interpreted words like yi-il-te-qu and iz-zi-iz-ti, and disentangled the mix-up or misusage (at first blush haphazard) of negative particles, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions?
Education and intervention needs to focus primarily misusage, while all the time discouraging usage.
The demotic languages were decadent because verbal inflation and misusage interfered with vigor, precision, and clarity.
The common misusage of "macho" by liberation-minded people speaks to the success of oppression in producing complicity.
This misusage compromises the clarity of communications when the word "technology" is used, unless a careful definition, devoid of unintended connotations, is provided.
But Marx's 'Hegelianism' involves critical usage, subtle pun, deliberate misusage, point scoring and illustrating at one time, proving Hegel wrong or right at another.
The failure to recognize and act on this distinction can have enormous consequences for schools and school systems endeavoring to restructure, and such misusage is pervasive (Wadsworth 1997).
9) |Injenuous' was commonly confused with |ingenious' in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (see OED Ingenuous 6); a similar misusage crops up in the encomium which refers to Dougharty senior's |Injenuous .