misuse of power

See: oppression
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Islamabad -- The Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has appointed two officers involved in corruption and misuse of power on the lucrative posts.
God Almighty revealed that we should do away with ethnicity because 2018 will be a year of vengeance as a result of misuse of power by politicians and people at the top as this is affecting the lives of ordinary citizens.
QUETTA -- An accountability court on Friday extended the physical remand of a former executive engineer of the building and roads department till Feb 8 in a case involving misuse of power.
Summary: New Delhi [India] January 21 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday termed disqualification of 20 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLAs as correct and asserted that misuse of power will not be entertained.
An inquiry was initiated against Shah in August 2017 over charges of sexual harassment and misuse of power.
The incident reminds one of an incident when a youth was shot dead by personnel of a law-enforcement agency, while at the same time it also shows the misuse of power by those responsible to protect the citizens.
There has been allegations on him to allot 450 plots and misuse of power due to which national kitty has to bear loss of billions of rupees.
Liberty said the ban was a "staggering misuse of power which would unjustifiably curb the rights and freedoms of Rochdale residents".
Summary: 'Phone facility", which enables them to report any case of torture, misuse of power or use of excessive force a
Before it a picture of a private school teacher relaxing on a chair and talking on his mobile phone while three young boys in school uniform massage his legs and feet Photos reveal misuse of power in J& K had gone viral.
Objective: State actors are combating corruption and misuse of power among Kenya%s public officials more effectively.
Khartoum, April 19(SUNA)- Wali(governor) of Khartoum State, Dr Abdul-Rahman Al-Khidir issued a number of directives and organizational procedures on improvement of performance and prevention of all forms of misuse of power.