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It should be noted that in-line inspections tools are generally capable of traversing miter bends consisting of angles less than 12[degrees].
It is the first tool of its kind to indicate roof pitch angles on the miter scale for quick, precise cuts and to let you set your own miter detent for repetitive cuts where there isn't an existing stop.
MITER enjoys the support of a prominent Editorial Advisory Board and Operational Advisory Board.
The Miter Basin, hemmed in by the sheer, granite walls that give rise to the High Sierra just three miles south of Mount Whitney as the crow flies, is the most remote, barren and beautiful location I have ever hoofed into.
Incorporating Artix into our MITeR System allowed us to leverage our current IT infrastructure to provide the near real-time access to data that our employees need to make the best decisions possible for their clients.
The Hoffmann MS 35 SF double miter saw is designed for the production of mitered cabinet doors, furniture, store fixtures, RTA components, etc.