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The government can and will simply introduce further outrageous laws and regulations, one after another, each of which will only be minimally mitigated by partial opposition.
In the letter to the water district, Lile cited city officials' issues with the proposed mitigated negative declaration, including statements that the project is not located on an earthquake fault and that the site has no potential for erosion.
The mitigated negative declaration makes ``no provision for the elimination of (the 4.
Fitch believes that risks associated with FSA's leverage, mezzanine exposures and large single risks are mitigated by the high quality of FSA's insured portfolio.
The 3,050-home project would kill some of the rare San Fernando Valley Spineflower and could also harm the endangered California red-legged frog, but the effects could be mitigated, Ventura County planning consultants said.
The North Valley Area Planning Commission voted unanimously to deny the residents' appeal of the McDonald's permit, but promised to review the site in one year and determine whether traffic and other issues were being sufficiently mitigated.
City planners originally worked with the developer to give the project a mitigated negative declaration of impact, which identifies potential environmental problems and is issued when those problems are dealt with and thought to be handled to the city's satisfaction.
Instead, a less stringent mitigated negative declaration was drawn up in which United agreed to make roadway and other improvements to ease any impacts.
BlastGard International has developed a blast mitigated system that can be employed in new ULDs or can be retrofitted into an existing container.
The city's public safety department staff reviewed the proposed project and indicated that the potential for increased crime could be satisfactorily mitigated through aggressive screening of tenants, responsive property management and through project design, according to a staff report prepared by Laurie Lile, director of planning.
Fitch believes these two risks are mitigated by capitalized interest through Sept.