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The risk of these two cases is assessed through the RPN number which would combine the Severity (quantifies the severity of the failure when mitigating action is taken) and the Detection which quantifies the risk that the mitigating action is not taken.
14) In October 1998, the trial court held a pre-sentencing hearing in which Poyson's trial counsel presented mitigating evidence and in which Poyson's mother, Ruth Garcia, his aunt Laura Salas, and the mitigation investigator Blair Abbot, testified.
6) Because the Supreme Court condones the use of victim-impact evidence to balance the presentation of mitigating evidence, (7) the murder victim's granddaughter testified, recounting how, lacking the money to hire help, she had been forced to clean up her grandmother's blood in the days after the murder.
The Court held that evidence of impaired intellectual functioning based solely on an IQ score of 67 can be a mitigating factor at the penalty phase of a capital murder trial.
However, realizing the novelty of the case, the district court judges asked the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to consider whether an individual's condition should be assessed with or without mitigating circumstances when determining whether that individual is disabled under the ADA.
McLaren helps organizations optimize their engineering design and asset change management processes to maximize the value in their engineering documents while mitigating the commercial risk associated with their use.
com/reports/c45150) has announced the addition of Mitigating New Account Fraud: Reduce Risk and Expand Customer Base with Evolving Authentication to their offering.
The city's cost-control and conservative budgeting policies serve as a mitigating factor by monitoring fiscal balance weekly.
As an umbrella organization, whose members' combined annual revenues exceed $130 billion, AGMA's mission is to provide a platform that aids its membership in upholding the highest product quality standards, driving high customer satisfaction, protecting brand integrity, improving standards for intellectual property enforcement, mitigating the counterfeiting of IT products and stemming the unauthorized flow of goods into the gray market.
NEW YORK -- Maintaining good standing in every jurisdiction in which a company does business is critical to mitigating risks associated with non-complianceaand to ensuring successful, ongoing business operations.
Through technology innovation, Integrated Healthcare will provide simple, up-to-date access and control while mitigating rising healthcare costs for the employer and employee.
Our patent-pending blast-mitigating technology, BlastWrap, and our BlastGard Mitigating Trash Receptacles(R) (MTR) have been designated Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies (QATT) and placed on the 'Approved Products List for Homeland Security,'" said James Gordon, Chief Executive Officer of BlastGard.