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Our objective was to quantify how the expansion of CA-71 and implementation of mitigative measures affected movement of large mammals across the roadway.
36) Under these circumstances, active defenses, including mitigative counterstrikes, may be appropriate.
Disaster preparedness minimises the adverse effects of hazard through effective preventive and mitigative actions, response, recovery and rehabilitation on ensuring timely, appropriate and effective organisation and delivery of relief and assistance following a disaster.
The state trial judge who sentenced Washington to death testified at the habeas hearing that the sentence would not have been affected by the introduction of character evidence or other mitigative evidence.
Two year field trail was conducted to determine the mitigative effect of diverse use of nitrogen sources on bulk density, organic matter and grain yield of hybrid maize (Zea mays L.
This is especially true for the circularly polarized (CP) microstrip antenna which owns additional advantages of imposing less strict restrictions on orientation of the transmitter and receiver and mitigative multi path effects.
The subsequent predeployment training by US Army Public Health Command (USAPHC) personnel was able to rapidly build off this basic training so that non-preventive medicine personnel were able to competently perform OEHSAs for all 3 sites, identify significant health threats, and develop mitigative measures which were instrumental in reducing incidence of disease and nonbattle injuries, and protecting the servicemembers' health.
1998: Deer (CERVIDAE) highway mortality: using models to tailor mitigative efforts.
On a global scale, misinformation about climate change is currently delaying mitigative action," he added.
is mitigative in nature, it provides a stable environment is which the resolution of conflict may be achieved.
Appropriate policy responses can help cities and urban populations to tackle climate change, basically through enhancement of their mitigative and adaptive capacities (Figure 3).