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However, as is the case in Australia, they are not mitigatory in relation to child sexual offenses, serious violent offenses, and drug offenses.
The MoD agreed to the condition on the basis that it will be given the chance to assess the proposed mitigatory measure before final consent is given.
In such a process, it is postulated following all the case studies that each component has special theoretical and mitigatory underpinnings according to historical relevance, and socioeconomic and cultural conditions from the emergent structural positioning of the societies involved in the conflicts.
It has always been the case it is not a mitigatory factor, it's an aggravating factor.
While I accept following the fire the defendant was extremely distressed, I place little weight on this as a mitigatory indication of remorse as it seems plain from his failure to acknowledge lighting the fire his predominant concern was for himself, not for others" Evans said.