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The Cheetos Flamin' Hot Summer sweepstakes marks the introduction of the latest flavor in Frito-Lay's Cheetos line: Cheetos Mix-Ups Flamin' Hot & Cheezy.
Amphoteric in B, a systemic antifungal medication, is not commonly used, and health care practitioners may be unfamiliar with its various formulations and the potential consequences of mix-ups among them.
This not only allows the drinker to express individuality, it also avoids bottle mix-ups and offers the chance for individuals to exchange messages.
Other bizarre mix-ups saw people identify Edinburgh as Istanbul, Newcastle as Sydney, Liverpool as Vancouver and Birmingham as Frankfurt.
The safety bulletin highlighted information about such mix-ups, and included information about deaths that had been reported in the United States (ISMP Canada, 2002).
Police have now assigned an officer to each family and their primary concern is to ensure no identity mix-ups occur when bodies are released.
ACCIDENTS and mix-ups that take place over the coming days turn into a blessing in disguise and could in fact lead to love and romance for many of you.
And many have been awarded huge payouts for blunders such as undetected tumours, falls on hospital wards, medication mix-ups and allergic reactions.
She discovered more problems at the plant, such as drug mix-ups, incorrect dosages, cross-contamination and unsafe storage conditions.
Mix-ups can easily occur in such instances when patients seek treatment without proper IDs.
This links monitoring data to a session and minimizes the risk of patient and result mix-ups.
Airline groups from around the world have signed a "declaration of intent" to share safety Regulators and airline groups from around the world have signed a "declaration of intent" to share safety data such as government audits, pilot errors and air-traffic control mix-ups.