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MIXED. To join; to mingle. A compound made of several simples is said to be something mixed.

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Although racial mixing and mixedness are often taken to be a recent phenomenon, such 'cultures of mixing', at both a familial and neighbourhood level, have been noted as long providing important support systems for mixed racial and ethnic families (Tabili, 1996; Bauer, 2010; Mckenzie, 2010; Edwards and Caballero, 2011; Caballero, 2012).
More importantly, the deliberate cultural mixedness of these lines--they keep importing Islamic tradition and ghazal convention into English--suggests that it is the cultural and political specificity of Ali's postcolonial and diasporic experience that informs his more general, metaphysical sense of dislocation and hybridity.
The statistics of the degree of mixedness of the graphite in the elastomer are then related to the volume resistivity of the composite.
It is this mixedness, like the "white-native" mixedness of her trader-writer father, that gives her a hold on the publishing industry and an outside audience.
Black people in the coastal lowlands don't often highlight mixedness in describing themselves, as is the case in the following exchange I had with a farmer 62-year old farmer (A):
She also offers multiple examples of Dominicans whose encounters with African Americans--both in the Dominican Republic and in the United States--undergo "an epistemological shift in mixedness and blackness" (p.
The second part contains the original data and constitutes the major contribution of the book to the growing body of work on mixedness and mixing.
IN 1995 when the Association of Multiethnic Americans (AMEA), a consortium of community organizations for interracial families and mixed race people, appeared before a House subcommittee to lobby the federal government to enumerate racial mixedness, it was the first time that a broader public became aware that at least some mixed race people were organized and thought of themselves similarly.
Mixedness occurs at different levels and can be viewed as the product of a distinct process within each level.
This at once draws on the early modern humanist telos of the "rational," to contain and shut out that enigma of inner mixedness or complexity, the potential for multiplicity: both within the human subject as well as in the world she inhabits.
9) "I've learned to flaunt my mixedness at dinner parties," Senna quips, "where the guests (most of them white) ooh and aah about my flavorful background.
what they consist of and in what kinds of situations they emerge; 2) it decribes such projects among young parents in ethnicially mixed unions; and 3) it explores what these couples can tell us about identities and mixedness, particularly as they appear in present-day Montreal.