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50) This situation, of course, made it hard for S to take in and follow directions and to be on time, which again made for a difficult employment history, until he hit on the idea of making a living on the stage as a mnemonist.
An intentional association with art citations from the past is not a "pastiche" of historical allusions and simulations because "for the postmodern mnemonist, there is no real history to retrieve and the present cannot therefore be a pastiche of the past" (Cheetham and Hutcheon, 1991:18-19).
One was about a soldier who loses his memory in an accident and the other about a professional mnemonist.
In The Mind of a Mnemonist - a case-study of a man with a striking capacity to recall past events in prolific (and to most people, trivial) detail, Luria (1968) describes the perceptual experiences of the mnemonist (Mr.