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Houthi militias in Yemen are similar to Basij and Popular Mobilization militias in goals, organization and fighting methods, with some minor differences, and like them rely increasingly on children, who now constitute about one third of their troops.
In mid-April, just hours after most of the Popular Mobilization Forces withdrew from their main stronghold in the Sufia region, east of Ramadi city center, toward the adjacent Habbaniya Base -- ISIS launched attacks on several areas in the city and its outskirts.
Appointment opportunities are now available for all patients across the local Vancouver area to undergo joint mobilization therapy.
The General Staff defines the duty of the local branches of the Tactical Mobilization Group as "to determine and take action against any planned activity concerning the country's economic, psychological or political situation.
The changes aim at improving the mobilization time to enable Pakistan Army to
During a six-month piloting phase, the social mobilization strategy will be formed and tested in five districts in Pakistan.
We have a systematic review of mobilization in the ICU, which focuses on both safety and effectiveness outcomes.
The main focus of the book is on explaining right-wing mobilization from the viewpoint of a different theory, based on the supply/demand relation, so far most commonly applied in economics.
3) This situation not only runs contrary to the precepts of AFI 10-402, volume 1, Mobilization Planning and Personnel Readiness, 9 August 2007, but also masks the RegAF's incapacity to meet combatant commander (COCOM) requirements while keeping the burdens of mobilization on the ANG unit and the individual Guard member instead of on the RegAF.
The release is a victory both for Ould Sidi Mouloud and the national cause, the Minister added, saying that this outcome came as a result of the solidarity campaigns and the mobilization of the government, political parties and the civil society, Naciri told the Tangier based Medi 1 Sat TV channel.
We're committed to the success of this mobilization and are asking all members and branches to participate in raising awareness of, and endorsements for, the march over the intervening months.
As Gandal reminds us, the three central Modernists of the interwar period (Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Faulkner) were all losers where World War I mobilization was concerned.

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