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What insights might previous mobilizations provide for the future?
How can we make mobilizations more robust and less vulnerable to interference?
The article also discusses the US Army's ongoing and future research efforts on mobilization.
Danilov answered that, when implementing a mobilization telegram, "it is necessary to effect all movements of troops for their concentration.
It is easier to dismiss allegations of covert mobilization than to discern the military rationale for leaving partial mobilization on the Crown Council table.
The physical therapists rehabilitate the patients with post-traumatic stiff hand by joint mobilization techniques, stretching and strengthening exercises.
The joint mobilization techniques are used to improve joint PROM, by producing passive glides with distraction between the articular surfaces of hand joints to manage pain, break adhesions, and improve joint PROM.
Voluntary mobilizations--especially of small numbers of personnel--do not generate the community support that involuntary mobilizations of large units do.
35) Even a unit mobilized within its own AEF bucket suffers in that it does not receive credit for the deploy-to-dwell time because deployments from voluntary mobilizations do not count.
1% among stapes mobilization patients, a tenfold decrease in comparison with stapedectomy.
There is something intrinsically unappealing about a procedure with a failure rate that approaches 50%, but we still must ask whether it is worth paying the price necessary to achieve a "success" rate closer to 98% by performing stapedectomy instead of stapes mobilization.
Estimated contract revenues exclude revenues for mobilization, demobilization, contract preparation and client reimbursables.

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