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Next, it describes the voluntary and involuntary mobilizations of the ANG, exploring the federal laws that enable a guardsman to deliver needed capability to the RegAF.
Some civilian employers accept their employees' involuntary mobilizations much more readily than voluntary mobilizations.
We're committed to the success of this mobilization and are asking all members and branches to participate in raising awareness of, and endorsements for, the march over the intervening months.
The April 9th mobilization will be much more effective if these two constituencies can be encouraged to participate in visible ways, and we believe they will want to engage in this way--but only if we ask.
The widespread decision to abandon stapes mobilization in favor of stapedectomy warrants reconsideration.
1% among stapes mobilization patients, a tenfold decrease in comparison with stapedectomy.
2) This article provides a brief review of improvements in the dental readiness and dental mobilization processing of the Army RC between the first Gulf War and present GWOT operations.
In June 2003, the DENCOM commander, COL Sidney Brooks, directed his mobilization staff to begin exploring Army RC dental readiness deficiencies and ways to improve the dental readiness processing of Army RC Soldiers arriving at mobilization platforms.
3) How to accomplish the real world mobilization jobs of the S1 and S4 while at the same time allowing admin and logistics staff time to validate on their individual and collective tasks,
Gulf of Mexico of approximately November 2006, following an estimated 60-day period for mobilization from Australia, maintenance and contract preparation projects.
GAO examined (1) whether the Department of Defense (DOD) followed existing operation plans when mobilizing forces, (2) the extent to which responsible officials had visibility over the mobilization process, and (3) approaches the services have taken to provide predictability to reservists.
May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Autoliv, the world's largest automotive safety supplier, today announced its official support of a national mobilization this Memorial Day week to protect children by stepping up enforcement of child passenger safety laws.

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