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It would be impossible to empower an entire community overnight with traditional training methods," said Seth Goldstein, the Director of Training & Education at Mobilize Rescue Systems.
The company will use the capital raised to make new hire, boost product development and to continue to support its beta clients, Mobilize said.
Mobilize Transit TV service is a free-to-air media channel that enables public transport riders to watch news, sport, educational and other programming as they take a trip in kombis and buses.
In March of 1933, the new president did not have to mobilize aging members of the American Legion under martial law.
It serves as a way to mobilize a large number of patrol personnel for a general law enforcement assignment and is not intended specifically for civil unrest control.
A second challenge will be how to mobilize resources and political will to resolve conflicts, particularly in Africa.
In order to create a freedom struggle that could become a force to reckon with, it was necessary to mobilize the thousands of peasants whose interests in many ways diverged from those of the westernized, English-educated elite.
Enterprises seeking to mobilize their workforce can benefit from IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access, which is based on open standard technologies flexible enough to extend business applications out to virtually any device.
He's counting on me to mobilize my Christian supporters and build a groundswell of overwhelming pressure on `wobbly' members of Congress to pass his pro-family legislative agenda, confirm his all-important Supreme Court appointments and defeat the left's campaign to destroy him.
Only through generating grassroots-level discussion around such practical alternatives can we create an activist base deep and broad enough to break the rightwing/neoliberal dominance of public debate, withstand the aggressive and dishonest opposition of the powerful interests aligned against us, and mobilize support for the kind of society we all know we need.
The US companies New Era of Networks Inc (NEON) and Mobilize Inc have signed an agreement whereby Mobilize will license NEON's integration and adapter technology for its mobile application services.

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