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military mobilized tens of thousands of reservists for homeland security and sent thousands of elite infantrymen and special forces into the mountains of Afghanistan; neither mission conformed to the model of past wars.
We are excited about the introduction of the GoBinder SDK and InfiNotes, which can make it easier for developers to build mobilized applications," said Chris Thomas, Chief Strategist of Intel's Solutions Market Development Group.
Some of these features bear a marked resemblance to central characteristics of food riots in earlier centuries, especially the manner in which communities were mobilized, while other features, especially the gendered nature of the protest, suggest that there has been an evolution in the riots' form.
Purchased mobilized and installed a 55 foot long bridge over the Indian River.
Using Defywire middleware and its mobile applications for logistics, supply chain and student administration, companies ranging from leading Fortune 200 companies to small startups have effectively mobilized their workforces and reinvented their business processes in just a few weeks or even days.
We are honored to be invited by Intel to participate in their new Mobilized Solutions Guide for small business," said Bill Walton, president and CEO of GiveMePower.
With Adesso, organizations in the life sciences, chemical, and government markets have successfully mobilized complex and critical processes that take place on the edge of their business.
At 90-million strong, mobilized singles could potentially pack a wallop at the polls, as almost 39 million American singles did not vote in the 2000 presidential election.
In early June, a service rig was mobilized to the site to pull the production tubing in preparation for additional logging and sampling operations.
The true leading-edge organizations have already mobilized applications such as CRM, field service, and sales force automation tools.
The chapter is part of 'The Developer's Roadmap(TM) to Mobilized Software Solutions,' a web-based book sponsored by Intel Corporation (Nasdaq:INTC).

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