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The literacy mobilizers expressed their reservations over the facilities and incentives being provided to such schools.
Rajesh Abhyankar, MediaAgility CEO and Co-Founder, talked about the value of other mobilizers driving the world towards digital innovation.
Dixon: High performers focus on the mobilizer stakeholders: your go-getters, teachers, and skeptics.
Social mobilizers with their motorcycles awaiting assignment
The Advisor assured the male mobilizers to take solid steps to remove their difficulties and reservations.
The unfolding of this perspective provided fertile ground for activist mobilizers who held state authorities responsible for the plight of the marginalized.
Zhong continued, "In contrast to other mobilizers which have various side effects, the HYC 750 drug that is described in the patent appears to possess no toxicity, even at very high doses.
Islamabad -- BISP in collaboration with World Food Programme (WFP) conducted a training workshop on nutrition at BISP headquarters to train its social mobilizers on nutrition.
com)-- Mobilizers 2015, a customer awards event was held on Friday, January 9, 2015 at Gurgaon India by MediaAgility India.
Vice President, Riek Machar, launches the training of 200 peace mobilizers in Juba, April 8, 2013 (ST)
In this connection a training workshop was organized here on Friday to train its social mobilizers on nutrition.
LWMC Communication officer Jamil Khawar, Project Manager Ozpak Afzal Shah and FINCA officials led the awareness activities attended by other officials from LWMC, FINCA, KIPS school System, teams of social mobilizers, shopkeepers and members of local community.