mode of reasoning

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Specious as this mode of reasoning might sound, it would not perhaps have taken so complete a hold of Boxtel, nor would he perhaps have yielded to the mere desire of vengeance which was gnawing at his heart, had not the demon of envy been joined with that of cupidity.
It was a primitive mode of reasoning and of looking at things that he understood thoroughly.
It was the cardinal tenet of their mode of reasoning to start with facts and to give names to the facts.
Fortunately, there is but one mode of reasoning upon the point, and that mode must lead us to a definite decision.
Principal among these implications was the growing awareness, evident in Johann Gustav Droysen, that the interpretation of history demanded a mode of reasoning distinct from that of the natural sciences.
Flynn himself thinks that the spread of the scientific mode of reasoning has played a role.
An independent scholar of English literature living in Ontario, Rupert sets out to validate the mode of reasoning in literature, which is challenged by contemporary assumptions regarding the nature of mind, particularly in the field of education.
The mode of reasoning that Judge Bork adopted in Ollman can thus quite legitimately lead to Justice O'Connor's position in the Michigan cases.
If there appears to be one, we need to question, not faith or reason per se, but rather our premises or our mode of reasoning.
This builds on the notion of a legitimate "nonvalid" mode of reasoning as central to the task of moral inquiry itself.
The title of this volume of extended essays by three French scholars led this reader to expect a demonstration of the descent of at least several of the core elements of Western culture from forerunners in the ancient Near East, but, in fact, a claim to such a lineage is made here only for the technology of writing (Bottero and Herrenschmidt) and for the mode of reasoning we call "logic" (Bottero).
Their logic, the mode of reasoning of the French mind, is known as deductive.