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So he moderated the flame of his cylinder, and the balloon, in a few moments, had descended to an altitude only three hundred feet above the soil.
He wiped the streaming sweat from his brow, relaxed the tension of his knees, - by which the horse breathed more freely, - and, gathering up his reins, moderated the speed of the vigorous animal, his active accomplice on this man-hunt.
But now, when the weather had moderated and the ship had anchored--now, when officers and passengers alike were on shore, with leisure time at their disposal--Clara had opportunities of returning to the subject of the lost men, and of asking questions in relation to them which would make it impossible for Crayford to plead an excuse for not answering her.
On the northern continents, the winter is rendered excessively cold by the radiation from a large area of land into a clear sky, nor is it moderated by the warmth-bringing currents of the sea; the short summer, on the other hand, is hot.
God has mitigated the sufferings that arise from social friction by a religious sentiment which raises self-forgetfulness into a virtue; just as He has moderated the friction of the mechanism of the universe by laws which we do not know.
Again, what reader doth not know that philosophy and religion in time moderated, and at last extinguished, this grief?
He had got the double study which he coveted, but here were conditions attached which greatly moderated his joy.
We must have been well in the path of the trans-Pacific steamships when the typhoon moderated, and here, to the surprise of the hunters, we found ourselves in the midst of seals--a second herd, or sort of rear-guard, they declared, and a most unusual thing.
I answered, moderating them again as I had moderated them once already.
And he spoke again in his big authoritative voice, which, being moderated, had a threatening character.
The distance was still considerable; and their approach, as they drew nigh the place of execution, was moderated by awe.
Tom walked on without looking around, and Yap followed his example, the cold bath having moderated his passions.

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