moderately good

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I know all the soldier stuff," he admitted, "know my job, that is to say, all right, and of course I am moderately good at languages, but that finishes me.
Finding that no interference was attempted with these small liberties, he gradually mounted to greater, and, after helping himself to a moderately good cold collation, was, by this time, deep in the pie.
Phosphorus scores were moderately good, while nitrogen scores were poor and chlorophyll a scores were moderate.
Most coolers are only moderately good as dry boxes.
We're looking at a global economy that in some respects is moderately good," OECD chief economist Catherine Mann said in an interview.
He classifies the rowers variously as very excellent, very eminent, able, good, moderately good and fair.
SAGBI scores were categorized into six groups: Excellent, Good, Moderately Good, Moderately Poor, Poor and Very Poor based on the natural groupings of the dataset.
ADCB's key liquidity ratios are tighter than the peer group average, although there was a small improvement in H1 2014 owing to moderately good customer deposit growth.
With his message alone, the positive leader created a moderately good bounce in revenue for the call center--300 percent over the results of a control group who didn't hear the speech.
The QRisk II had a moderately good fit on the H-L test (P = .
Browne said that even sophisticated and rational gamblers, assuming they have achieved moderately good returns over an extended period, are simply unable to recognize that their historical performance most likely occurred simply due to chance.
Benjamin Franklin, American statesman "Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act.