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MODERATOR. A person appointed to preside at a popular meeting; sometimes he is called a chairman.

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Moreover, there are currently no security measures to prevent these moderators from taking screen shots of people's personal photos, videos and posts.
Sixteen per cent of moderators reported finding hate speech and 15 per cent identified bullying during live chat.
Baranwal, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, moderator.
The neutron pulse from the moderator has two decay time constants.
Moderator C: Lucy, you need to go back to Heaven and change your avatar.
These groups can be in person but are often one-hour telephone conference calls that pay $150 for the moderator and lesser fees for participating doctors.
The techniques the author presents reveal how the moderator may rescue the session by identifying participants' opinions regarding certain kinds of services (e.
The Moderator is travelling across Europe and had already met with NATO supremo George Robertson earlier in the week.
22, but the old/new Moderator round won't damage hearing as badly as high-velocity rimfire loads.
Jack Haberer, moderator of The Presbyterian Coalition, a group favoring the amendment.
Although focus groups vary considerably across situations and purpose, they can be broadly defined as a technique whereby 8 to 12 individuals discuss a particular topic of interest under the direction of a moderator (Stewart & Shamdasani, 1990).